Released March 2008


Do you remember the Eighties? The Rubik's cube... Duran Duran... deelyboppers ... and the Cuddlesomes: pink vampire hamsters, the must-have toy of 23 Christmases ago.

For so long now, the Cuddlesomes have been forgotten, lying in attics and junk shops. But now they're waking up. And they want to give us all a cuddle. A long, slow, deadly cuddle...

Landing in an England gripped by a strange new plague, the Doctor is soon on the Cuddlesomes' trail. But the toys are just part of a twisted plan to wipe out a whole generation...

PLEASE NOTE: This is a free dowload available only to readers of Doctor Who Magazine who have the correct code.

Written By: Nigel Fairs
Directed By: Barnaby Edwards


Peter Davison (The Doctor), Roberta Taylor (Angela Wisher), Timothy West (Ronald Turvey), David Troughton (The Tinghus), Matthew Noble (John Dixon/ New Cuddlesomes), Kate Brown (Miranda Evenden/ Cuddlesomes/ Dr Cooper), Nicholas Briggs (Newsreader)