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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

Celebrating four decades of the Fifth Doctor, with stories from across his timeline.

1.1 Secrets of Telos by Matt Fitton (4 parts)

Professor Parry’s expedition to the tombs of Telos was hardly an unmitigated success. The handful of survivors limp home in a spaceship… unaware that the deadly peril they faced from the Cybermen is not yet banished.

Into this situation stumble the Fifth Doctor and his friends Nyssa and Tegan - and they’re soon in a deadly fight for their lives.

Except things aren’t quite that simple - something odd is happening to the Doctor. He’s suddenly in a different part of his own timeline inhabiting his future self with no idea of why or how this has happened.

Who is bouncing him through time? And what could they possibly want?

1.2 God of War by Sarah Grochala (2 parts)

The Doctor is still being jolted through his own timeline, and has now found himself with Nyssa, Tegan and Adric in ninth century Iceland near a Viking settlement on the edge of a volcano. A settlement whose leader has just found a god in the ice.

The TARDIS crew are soon in a battle with the fearsome Ice Warriors. There are a lot of lives to save… and not just those of their new friends.

The Doctor’s about to find that his biggest battle may be with his own conscience.

Recorded on: 27 January 2021 and TBA
Recorded at: Recorded remotely


Credits for Interludes: I, Kamelion by Dominic Martin

Narrator: Dan Starkey
Sound Design: Jaspreet Singh
Music: Howard Carter
Script Editor: John Dorney
Producer: David Richardson
Executive Producers: Nicholas Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery


Forty is a great box set to ring in the New Year, containing two distinct stories with an interesting, non-linear connection. The cast is on top form and the chemistry between Davison, Fielding, Sutton, and Waterhouse has never been better. The supporting cast are also essentially old friends of Davison (or old colleagues) which adds to the celebratory attitude. 8/10

Indie Mac User

Forty 1 is a recommendable box set with two enjoyable stories and bodes well for future releases in this run... This box set in particular shows that, while they could often be an unwieldy ensemble on screen, the Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan together are, with more consistent writing and unfailingly energised actors, among Big Finish’s most charming TARDIS teams.

We Made This

Forty promises to be both a hell of a ride and a festival of individual joys, celebrating the history of the Fifth Doctor, the history of Doctor Who, and to some extent the history of Peter Davison as an acting icon... If you’re a Fifth Doctor fan, you’re going to want the whole Forty sequence, and in Forty 1, the adventure’s off to an impeccable start.

Warped Factor

Moving the Doctor around in his own timestream gives him and us of course to consider what his different behaviour might achieve. I’m intrigued to see if this is taken further and it will be interesting to see what happens next and how this is resolved. Happy 40th to the Fifth.

SF Crowsnest

Forty 1.2: God of War - Sarah Grochala’s two-parter allows for some exploration... against the background of a rerun of the main beats of the Ice Warriors’ initial story. Expanding the themes of this saga means difficult choices for the Doctor. 7/10

Sci-Fi Bulletin
  • Product Format: 3-disc CD (jewel case in slipcover)
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Duration: 218 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-83868-710-6
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-83868-711-3
  • Production Code: BFPDW5DBOX003
Previous release in this range: Doctor Who: The Lost Resort and Other Stories
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