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Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 3 (Limited Vinyl Edition)
Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor Adventures

DU1.3V. Doctor Who: Dalek Universe 3 (Limited Vinyl Edition)

Released October 2021

Written by Lizzie Hopley Matt Fitton

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8 Listeners
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Lost in a universe before the Time War, the Doctor is still struggling to find a way back home... but has only found himself in the middle of another war. A very familiar war, involving his oldest enemies - and their malevolent creator.

However he’s not alone - as there are old friends here too. At least he thinks they're old friends... but when the stakes are as high as this, can he really be sure who to trust? What side are they truly on?

3.1 The First Son by Lizzie Hopley
The Doctor’s attempts to return home have led him to the middle of a war zone... and a familiar voice.

The travellers have arrived on a planet made up of crashed space-ships where they encounter River Song... Or do they? Because she’s dressed as a Movellan and claims to be a member of that robot race. Is she undercover, a duplicate, or something more sinister?

And more importantly... who is her son?

3.2 The Dalek Defence by Matt Fitton
The Doctor and Anya are trapped between battling Dalek and Movellan forces and only the intervention of Earth can get them out of trouble.

But the humans have troubles too - and a very familiar prisoner. Davros.

Stuck in a universe before the Time War, the Doctor is bound by the rules of his own past... Can he keep everyone alive without changing history? And would he even want to?

3.3 The Triumph of Davros by Matt Fitton
Returning to a familiar planet, with Movellan and Dalek warships floating in the sky above, the stakes for the time-travellers are higher than ever.

The mistakes of the Doctor’s past are coming back to haunt him. Alliances are made and broken. And the course of the war is about to turn.

The Doctor can’t stop what’s coming. But maybe, just maybe... he may be able to save his friends.


All vinyl pre-orders will come with a download version, and access to the behind the scenes interviews as bonus content.

Recorded on: 24 June 2021 and other dates TBC
Recorded at: Recorded remotely


This is a brilliant ending to the saga, wrapping up the threads and revealing things set up from the very beginning making it one of Big Finish’s tightest releases... This may be the capstone of Big Finish’s 2021 releases. 9.5/10

Indie Mac User

From mixing Classic and Modern Who to epic cliffhangers, strong casts, and creating worlds out of sound, Dalek Universe as a series has been nothing short of a triumph. Whether you're a fan of Classic or Modern Who or never picked up a Big Finish story before, it's a series with something for everyone and a must-listen for any fan of Doctor Who.

Warped Factor

As a listener, one of the things I enjoyed most was that I didn't know how it was going to end. This series is a perfect balance between a plot arc, fun stories and brilliant characters.

The Host Productions
  • Product Format: 3-disc LP (vinyl)
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Duration: 188 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-83868-456-3
  • Digital Retail ISBN: n/a
  • Production Code: BFPDW10THDALEKU3V
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