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9. Heroes (Novel & eBook)

Heroes (Novel & eBook)

Released December 2017


Book US $21.91
eBook - EPUB US $12.99
eBook - MOBI US $12.99


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A distress call is coming from a Federation research base…

A crack team is assembled to take over the Liberator…

A band called the Dangerous prepare to ‘Rock the Rock Planet’…

Blake's 7: Heroes features six stories by Trevor Baxendale, Paul Darrow, Jonathan L Howard, Una McCormack, LM Myles and Gary Russell.

Heroes or villains? Things are not always black and white in the dystopia ruled by the ruthless Federation. The crew of the Liberator are passionate in their opposition to the injustice and corruption of the government, but this group of convicts and outcasts aren’t exactly angels themselves… Whether it’s a large scale rescue mission, or a simple act of kindness, these stories explore an important question: what really makes a hero?

Separate by Una McCormack

Rock Star by Paul Darrow

Dominator by Jonathan L Howard

Metanoia by L M Myles

Contagion by Trevor Baxendale

Seven Magnificent Dirty Expendables on an Impossible Mission by Gary Russell


Produced and Edited by Xanna Eve Chown

Written By: Trevor Baxendale, Paul Darrow, Jonathan L Howard, Una McCormack, LM Myles and Gary Russell

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