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06. Judge Dredd: Trapped on Titan

Judge Dredd: Trapped on Titan

Released September 2002

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It's the most hellish place in the Solar System - a prison for the Earth's worst criminals. Now Titan is under new management - a cabal of two-faced spin doctors intent on bleeding the inmates dry.
But something is out there on the freezing plains of Titan. For thirty years, people have committed murder to keep it quiet, but now its secret has escaped. Time is running short for Titan, and Dredd alone can stop the killing.
The future of the Earth is at stake, and Dredd must go into the prison undercover. He must walk among serial-killers and mass-murderers to find the answer to the puzzle, before he spends the rest of his life Trapped on Titan!

Written By: Jonathan Clements
Directed By: John Ainsworth


Toby Longworth (Judge Dredd); Nicola Bryant (Judge Mordin); Andrew Fettes (Honest Bob); Jack Galagher (Riley); Alfred Hoffman (Jude); Adam Blaug (Malcolm); Laurence Bouvard (Stacey Dolan)

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