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Strontium Dog: Fire from Heaven

10. Strontium Dog: Fire from Heaven

Available May 2003

Written by Jonathan Clements

4 Listeners
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Cowering in fear of the Devastator death-god, the simple folk of the desert planet Muspel worship a prophet who fell from the sky. He prepares them for the final battle, predicting that the Devastator will send terrifying agents of destruction… the Strontium Gods!
But high-priest "Omega" is really fugitive conman Oswald Mega, ready to resist arrest with an army of fanatical followers. The Devastator's power is merely the side-effect of a terraforming project by Muspel's sister-planet Midgard. And the four horsemen of the apocalypse are a Viking on vacation, a Scot with a lumpy chip on his shoulder, a small white furry thing… and Johnny Alpha.
The Search/Destroy agents have just 24 hours to find Omega before the reward is open to all-comers. But the trail goes cold on Midgard, and time is running out. It's Alpha versus Omega… with Floods, Famine, and Fire from Heaven!
Recorded on: 18 January 2003
Recorded at: The Moat Studios

This story takes place in 2176 AD, in the 'classic' Strontium Dog continuity - and before the Big Bust of 49 storyline (2000 AD Progs 416 - 424).

  • Product Format: 1-disc CD (jewel case)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Duration: 69 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: 978-1-90365-489-7
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-84435-800-7
  • Production Code: BFP2ADCD10
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