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1. The Sigmund Freud Files 1 - The Second Face

The Sigmund Freud Files 1 - The Second Face

Released November 2015


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A mysterious homicide case leads Constable Karl Gruber to seek out psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud for the first time. The daughter of the director of the Wiener Burgtheater has been murdered under gruesome circumstances: the corpse has been drained of all its blood.

Detective Gruber suspects that a vampire is on the loose in Vienna. Sigmund Freud feels compelled to put an end to the superstition and to track down the real killer...

The original version of The Sigmund Freud Files has been very successful in German-speaking territories, and won the audiobook and audio drama prize Ohrkanus for “Best Series”, “Best Voice Actor” and “Best Voice Actress” in 2012.


Written by: Heiko Martens, translated by Armin Prediger
Voice Director: Douglas Welbat
Creative Director: Patrick Simon
Executive Producer: Marc Sieper
A Bastei Entertainment Production 2015

Written By: Heiko Martens, translated by Armin Prediger
Directed By: Douglas Welbat


David Rintoul (Sigmund Freud), Carl Prekopp (Karl Gruber), Emma Tate (Anna Freud), Nicolette McKenzie (Martha Freud), Jess Robinson (ID), Ashley Margolis (Super-Ego)

Note: The Sigmund Freud Files contains adult material and is not suitable for younger listeners.

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