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Vortex Issue 41

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You've not seen them since 1988's Remembrance of the Daleks, but now Group Captain Gilmore, Rachel Jensen and Allison Williams are reunited as the Counter-Measures Group! Stars Pamela Salem (Rachel) and Karen Gledhill (Allison) introduce the series, get excited about dishy co-stars and remember Remembrance - and Into the Labyrinth!


It's the start of a new trilogy for the Seventh Doctor, so we quiz the man behind him, Sylvester McCoy, on letting companions take the limelight, future plans and The Hobbit (about which he's sworn to secrecy) and reminisce about season twenty-six.


As Quentin Collins heads into Nazi Germany, Jonathan Morris, the writer of this month's spooky tale Operation Victor, reveals how the story came to be.


The writer of TV's Full Circle returns to audio to pen this month's The First Sontarans! Andrew Smith explains the genesis of the tale which gives a new insight into the clone warriors from Sontar.


A guide to upcoming releases and this month's sales, and your letters! To contact us, mail and mark your e-mail Vortex Mail.


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