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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

Sixth Doctor on special offer
20 September 2019

This weekend we've a Baker’s dozen of Sixth Doctor stories on special offer!

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  • Torchwood - The Hope
    21 August 2019

    Torchwood - The Hope

    In possibly the most emotional Torchwood release to date, Owen Harper and PC Andy Davidson explore the darkest case in Torchwood history. Torchwood: The Hope is out today. Read More
  • Torchwood – Rhys versus Autons
    18 June 2019

    Torchwood – Rhys versus Autons

    Rhys Williams finds himself stranded on a container ship in a sea of debris. People on board are dying. Because, luckily, someone’s found a solution to Earth’s polluted waters. The Nestene Consciousness can never have too much plastic...Read More
  • Torchwood vs the Slitheen!
    22 May 2019

    Torchwood vs the Slitheen!

    It's Torchwood versus Doctor Who monsters! This month, two of the most duplicitous characters from the worlds of Doctor Who and Torchwood return for a match made in heaven… Are you ready to join Margaret Slitheen and Suzie Costello in a race against time? Read More
  • Captain Jack and Jo vs the Giant Maggots!
    24 April 2019

    Captain Jack and Jo vs the Giant Maggots!

    It's Torchwood versus Doctor Who monsters! This month, Jo returns to the village where she left the Doctor in The Green Death – and she has a new man on her arm. Captain Jack Harkness takes the former Doctor Who companion on the trip of a lifetime... Read More
  • Torchwood monthly range
    29 March 2019

    Torchwood monthly range

    Details of the next four adventures in the Torchwood monthly range can now be revealed. Out for release from July onwards: Gwen drinks for the survival of Wales; Jack and Ianto are settling into suburban bliss; there's another assignment for Owen and Andy opposite a Dame; and we learn who joined Torchwood the same time as Tosh.Read More
  • Torchwood - Night of the Fendahl
    26 March 2019

    Torchwood - Night of the Fendahl

    It's Torchwood versus Doctor Who monsters! The first of four stories where Torchwood tackle Doctor Who monsters is out today, with Gwen Cooper versus the Fendahl in a dark chapter of Torchwood's history...Read More
  • Torchwood Special Offers
    1 March 2019

    Torchwood Special Offers

    What better way to celebrate St David's Day than with some special offers on our favourite Welsh alien-fighting team? For the next 7 days you can get special offers on selected Torchwood audio dramas. Read More
  • Torchwood: God Among Us continues
    20 February 2019

    Torchwood: God Among Us continues

    It's the end of the world, and it's starting in Cardiff! The Torchwood team have four new missions: when a god comes to Cardiff the world truly goes to Hell†¦Read More
  • The Big Finish Roundup
    3 February 2019

    The Big Finish Roundup

    We're excavating some books from the Bernice Summerfield archive, there are two more adventures with the First Doctor, plus we celebrate Lisa Bowerman's birthday! All this and more in the Big Finish Roundup.Read More
  • BF Book Club - Torchwood
    2 February 2019

    BF Book Club - Torchwood

    We're heading to Cardiff for this month's book club selection to listen to Sergeant Andy Davidson's first encounter with Norton Folgate. Torchwood - Ghost Mission is the latest addition to the Big Finish Book Club. Plus we look ahead to Torchwood Series 6 - God Among Us 2. Read More
  • Torchwood: God Among Us 2
    9 January 2019

    Torchwood: God Among Us 2

    It's the end of the world†¦ and it's starting in Cardiff! Huge changes are happening in the second release of Torchwood series 6: God Among Us. Read on to find out who's joining the team, and what awaits Torchwood this February.Read More
  • 12 days of Big Finishmas - Torchwood
    4 January 2019

    12 days of Big Finishmas - Torchwood

    On the eleventh day of Big Finishmas, Big Finish gave to me†¦ a Torchwood treat! Captain Jack and Queen Victoria hunting aliens at the turn of the 20th century - what's not to love!Read More
  • Captain John returns
    20 December 2018

    Captain John returns

    James Marsters, the star of cult television shows Buffy, Angel, Smallville and recent hit Runaways, reprises the role of Captain John Hart for his own adventures in the Torchwood audio universe. Read More
  • Torchwood vs Doctor Who Monsters
    1 November 2018

    Torchwood vs Doctor Who Monsters

    In the next four stories of the Torchwood monthly adventures, the Torchwood team will be facing off against some of the most popular Doctor Who foes! Read More
  • God is coming!
    23 October 2018

    God is coming!

    A new series of Torchwood, God Among Us 1, starts today. Following on from series 5, Aliens Among Us, there are questions to answer. Who survived in the aftermath? Is Cardiff still invaded by the Sorvix? And does a god really walk among us?Read More
  • Torchwood S6: God Among Us
    18 August 2018

    Torchwood S6: God Among Us

    The story details and the artwork for the first chapter in the sixth series of Torchwood is out now. The 21st century is where everything changes, but Torchwood isn't ready†¦ are you prepared for the end of Cardiff?Read More
  • Torchwood - Deadbeat Escape
    9 August 2018

    Torchwood - Deadbeat Escape

    One of Torchwood's most terrifying villains returns, but is he now a hero? Murray Melvin stars as Bilis Manger in his own tale in the Torchwood monthly range. Plus, we reveal more about the future of the Torchwood monthly range†¦Read More
  • Instant Karma - out now
    17 July 2018

    Instant Karma - out now

    The latest tale in the Torchwood monthly range is out now. Toshiko Sato was always considered the brains of the Torchwood team - but that might be a problem when you're dealing someone who can explode your mind†¦ Read More
  • Listeners for July - One Rule
    1 July 2018

    Listeners for July - One Rule

    In celebration of the return of Torchwood One this month with Torchwood: Machines, you can pick up a Torchwood tale with Yvonne Hartman on download this July for just £2.99. Read More
  • Torchwood - Goodbye Piccadilly
    27 June 2018

    Torchwood - Goodbye Piccadilly

    The tables have turned at Torchwood†¦ this time, Andy is the Torchwood assessor (if he survives) and Norton is under the microscope. Can both survive an alien visitation and London gangsters together? The latest Torchwood monthly release is out today.Read More
  • Torchwood: We Always Get Out Alive
    22 May 2018

    Torchwood: We Always Get Out Alive

    Eve Myles and Kai Owen reprise their roles of Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams in a new Torchwood story by Guy Adams, and this claustrophobic horror tale is a very different Torchwood adventure...Read More

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