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Cicero – Big Finish Originals

Cicero – Big Finish Originals

31 January 2018

Samuel Barnett (Dirk Gently, The History Boys, The Lady in the Van, Torchwood) plays the titular Cicero – one of the most celebrated and important figures in European language and culture – in a new historical audio thriller, filled with murder, romance and revolution.

Based on the true life and stories of the ancient Roman politician and lawyer, Cicero is given a twenty-first century re-invention on audio at Big Finish Productions, as the famed orator investigates dark deeds in Ancient Rome and beyond.

Rome, 80BC.

An age of bloody civil war and dictatorship is at an end. In its turbulent aftermath, an ambitious young lawyer, Marcus Tullius Cicero, is beginning to make a name for himself. But does he have what it takes, and can this new era of peace and prosperity truly last?

The Roman world is on the brink of revolution. The age of Caesar is drawing near. And Cicero will have to do everything he can to survive the storm.

First released in a pilot episode in February 2017, Cicero continues with a season of full-cast audio dramas bringing the world of Ancient Rome to life – and the tales of corruption and political intrigue still resonate today as much as they did two thousand years ago.

Scott Handcock, producer, director and script editor explains: “When we first came to tackle Cicero, it was very much intended as a one-off dramatisation of his most famous case, the Trial of Sextus Roscius.

“But we always knew he had a fascinating personal and political life, and it’s been a joy to explore that further in this brand-new series. It’s a charming, surprising series that isn’t quite like anything else Big Finish has done!”

Cicero is available as part of the Big Finish Originals range, a new wave of original full-cast plays launched to celebrate 20 years of publishing award-winning audio drama. The first series of Cicero, a six episode adventure, will be available on download from at a pre-order price of £21. This offer includes the pilot of Cicero – Though Scoundrels are Discovered – originally released in February 2017, which listeners can also download individually for a Web Special Price of £5 from 

For a free excerpt of Cicero, download here

The complete Big Finish Originals range is also available in a pre-order deal of £120, as well as being available as individual downloads.

Keep checking the Big Finish website for more details on this and other upcoming Big Finish Originals.

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