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Doctor Who - The Fourth Adventures - The Skin of the Sleek - out now!

Doctor Who - The Fourth Adventures - The Skin of the Sleek - out now!

16 August 2017

Released today, the first half of the epic two-parter that wraps up series six of the Fourth Doctor Adventures!

Starring Tom Baker (The Doctor 1974-1981) and Lalla Ward (Romana II 1979-1981), Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures - The Skin of the Sleek is ready for download!

On the planet Funderell you can walk on the ocean. The surface holds you when you move, but if you stand still, you sink. Lights shift in the fathoms and great shapes move beneath your feet - schools of giant electric eels known as Sleeks.

There is no solid land and the only locals are the Wavewalkers, hunters who live in floating villages. But recently some strangers have arrived, pursuing their own distinct agenda.

When the Doctor and Romana lose the TARDIS to the deep, they need help. Which makes finding a fellow Time Lord on the planet very useful. The fact that Time Lord is Sartia, an old friend of Romana's, is even better!

But this is a planet of secrets. Be careful when you explore its depths. You may just drown.

“The planet Funderell is an idea that I've been saving for years,” teases writer Marc Platt, “It's a very strange world - based on one of those highfaluting concepts that seems to fit into Season 18 with its sense of the Doctor and Romana as galactic voyagers. The whole planet is a slow-moving gelatinous ocean. But it has dark secrets hidden in its monster-infested depths and if you stand still, it swallows you down. It's all linked to the one village on the entire planet; a floating village whose inhabitants guard an ancient book, although they seem to have forgotten what exactly this most treasured possession actually is.

"David Richardson asked me to include one of Romana's best friends from Prydon Academy on Gallifrey. And this is great fun, because although it's well chronicled that one day Romana will become Lord High President of the High Council, we know virtually nothing about her origins or college days. The sudden appearance of Sartiacaradinora so far from home, might reveal that Romana's high powered education didn't pan out quite the way she imagined.”

David Richardson (producer) can’t wait for this story to come out, “I love Marc’s writing, and this is one of his very best scripts. It’s so vividly imaginative, set on a world that is covered by one vast viscous ocean, with a secret in its depths. And it introduces a brilliant new character in Sartia (Joannah Tincey), who is Romana’s old friend from the Time Lord Academy. Or is she? Very little is at it seems on the planet Funderell.”

Catch the adventures of the Doctor and Romana today - this release is available at £8.99 on download or £10.99 on CD. Don’t forget all CD purchases unlock a download version, which as a Big Finish customer you can listen to on the Big Finish app.

Or save in a subscription! Get every adventure from series 6 at £65 on download or £75 on CD. (Also you save when ordering ahead - get a subscription for series 7 starring Louise Jameson as Leela, or series 8 with Jane Slavin as new companion Ann Kelso for £40 on download or £45 on CD!)

Don’t miss out on the conclusion to this fantastic series, The Thief Who Stole Time, out in September!

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