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Doctor Who: The Thief Who Stole Time wraps up series 6

Doctor Who: The Thief Who Stole Time wraps up series 6

13 September 2017

The explosive finale of the sixth series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures is here. Tom Baker and Lalla Ward join each other for one last adventure against the Time Lords on the planet Funderall... but who will win, and who will survive?

After eight wondrous adventures including a classic Edwardian ghost story, a face-off with the Movellans, a talking chimpanzee in a submarine in space, and hordes of Sontarans, the conclusion of the current series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures is here.

Continuing from last month’s The Skin of the Sleek, Tom Baker and Lalla Ward come together for one last adventure in The Thief Who Stole Time.

A god has died. A crime has been committed. And an even greater threat lies beneath the surface. On the ocean world of Funderell, Romana has been reunited with her old friend from Gallifrey, Sartia, and the Doctor is investigating the history and religion of this strange world. But events have quickly spiralled out of control.

Why is this planet of such interest to the Time Lords? What lurks in the depths? The life of more than one world is at stake.

But time is running out.

“The world-building part of writing Doctor Who is a strange, fragmented process.” writer Marc Platt tells us. “Ideas turn up at the bizarrest times, frequently involving four in the morning, followed by frantic rewrites in an attempt to slot them in. The best part is when the concept comes together and the ideas take on lives of their own. Characters do this too. No respecters of planned storylines, they go heading off in fresh, far more interesting directions of their own. At which point, I become more like a reporter than a writer, trying to keep up with them (before I sink). And then they change direction again…

“So in the second half of the Funderell story, everything moves up a couple of gears. The Doctor gets a new job and reads up on the true nature of the planet, the village goes on a Sleek hunt, Sartia sets her plans in motion, and Romana, lost on the slow sea, finds her past starting to catch up with her.”

Catch the incredible finale to this Fourth Doctor series today – available on CD at £10.99 or download at £8.99. All CD purchases unlock a download exclusive which works perfectly with the Big Finish app. Or you can get the whole of series six in a bundle, for £80 on CD or £70 on download.

The Fourth Doctor will return in Series Seven, accompanied by Leela played by Louise Jameson. Kicking off this new set of adventures is The Sons of Kaldor by Andrew Smith out in January 2018.

For more information, keep checking the Big Finish website, and follow our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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