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The Listeners: Dalek Empire 1.1

The Listeners: Dalek Empire 1.1

5 July 2013

It's the second month of The Listeners, an opportunity to discover (or revisit) a classic audio and discuss it with fellow fans as part of our audiobook club. This month it's the start of Dalek Empire: Invasion of the Daleks.

For the month, we'll be reducing the price to £2.99 on download only and opening it up for discussion, both in the forums of the website and on our Facebook page. This month we're revisiting the dark beginnings of Dalek Empire in Invasion of the Daleks.

Writer, director and starring Dalek Nicholas Briggs has this to say about his magnum opus:

'Dalek Empire is one of my proudest achievements. It's something that Jason Haigh-Ellery and I discussed before we even got the licence to do Doctor Who audios. It came out of my passion for the Daleks and, in particular, The Dalek Book, an exciting book for boys, detailing the Dalek invasion of our Solar System. I wanted to do something like that, but a story with a more adult, emotional feel. As I was writing and directing it, what struck me was the freedom I had. There was no Doctor and no companion, all the characters were mine - so I was under no obligation to make sure any of the characters survived. I could raise the dramatic stakes and unsettle the audience. At one point, Jason said to me, "Stop killing off characters, the series is so popular we want to do another series!"'

As with last month, we've upgraded the download so it's now in 256kbps and also has an audiobook option. Don't forget, this isn't just for newbies; we'd love to hear the thoughts of fans new and old on Dalek Empire: Invasion of the Daleks. Head on over to the forums or our Facebook page now!

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