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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

Doctor Who – The Memory Bank and Other Stories is available at just £2.99 on download for Big Finishmas.

Four new adventures featuring the Fifth Doctor and Turlough!

The Memory Bank by Chris Chapman

The Doctor and Turlough arrive on a planet where to be forgotten is to cease to exist. But the Forgotten leave a gap in the world – and that’s where the monsters are hiding.

The Last Fairy Tale by Paul Magrs

Deep in the heart of old Europe, the village of Vadhoc awaits the coming of a mythical teller of magical tales – but not all such stories end happily, the TARDIS travellers discover.

Repeat Offender by Eddie Robson

The Doctor has tracked the deadly Bratanian Shroud to 22nd century Reykjavík – where he’s about to become the victim of a serial criminal. Again.

The Becoming by Ian Potter

A young woman climbs a perilous mountain in search of her destiny. The Doctor and Turlough save her from the monsters on her trail – but what awaits them in the Cavern of Becoming is stranger, even, than the ravening Hungerers outside.

You can now get The Memory Bank and Other Stories at just £2.99 on download.

So, to re-cap (do sing along!):

For the special offers of Big Finishmas, Big Finish gave to me…

Jago and Litefoot and Strax - The Haunting
The Confessions of Dorian Gray – The Spirits of Christmas
Doctor Who Subscriber Exclusives: Trial of the Valeyard and Night of the Stromcrow The Avengers – The Lost Episodes Volume 1
The Fourth Doctor Adventure The Beast of Kravenous
The Fetch audiobook by Jack Gerson
Gallifrey Series 1
The War Doctor saga
Order of the Daleks
We are the Daleks
Jane Slavin’s Writing on the Water audiobook
Terrahawks Volume 1
Torchwood – The Victorian Age
Doctor Who – The Memory Bank and Other Stories 

What a great bunch of bargains on download! Head to page and use offer code ‘KRAMPUS’ to access all these special Big Finishmas offers, which end at 23:59 (UK time) on 07/01/2019, so don’t miss out.

Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) and Vislor Turlough (Mark Strickson) are back in action later this month, along with Janet Fielding as Tegan and, in a Big Finish first, Jon Culshaw as Kamelion, in January’s Doctor Who Main Range story, Devil in the Mist. More information on the new Kamelion trilogy is available here ->

The TARDIS deposits the Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and their android ally Kamelion aboard a prison ship. A ship with just one prisoner: Nustanu, last warlord of the Zamglitti – monstrous, mind-bending mimics able to turn themselves into mist.

A ship that's in trouble, and about to make a crash-landing… On a planet of mists.

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