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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

[Last updated 30 September 2023]

Grab a bargain in the Big Finish autumn extravaganza. We'll be adding a new offer every day from 01 September 2023 until 30 September 2023! The deal on day 1 is just £1, day 2 is £2 and so on until the end of the month. 

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Check back at this page for daily updates on the offers! Offer ends 23:59 (UK time) on 01 October 2023. New deals will remain on the offer page until the end of the promotion.

Friday 01 September

◉ For £1 - Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred star in Steve Lyons' 2001 Doctor Who monthly adventure, Colditz, which featured among its cast a then-unknown young Scottish actor by the name of David Tennant. 

Saturday 02 September

◉ For £2 - Colin Baker stars in the Dark Shadows story, The House by the Sea by James Goss.

Sunday 03 September

◉ For £3 - Katy Manning stars as Iris Wildthyme in The Devil in Ms Wildthyme by Stephen Cole.

Monday 04 September

◉ For £4 - get Simon Guerrier's Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles story, The Anachronauts, featuring Peter Purves and Jean Marsh. 

Tuesday 05 September

◉ For £5 - grab the classic adaptation of HG Wells's The Invisible Man with a terrific cast, including John Hurt and Annette Badland, for just £5. 

Wednesday 06 September

◉ For £6 - Trevor Cooper reads Mike Tucker's six-hour audiobook, Star Cops: Sins of the Father

Thursday 07 September

◉ For £7 - three stories performed by Paul Darrow, Sally Knyvette, Jacqueline Pearce, Gareth Thomas and Louise Jameson, in Blake's 7 - The Liberator Chronicles Volume 5.

Friday 08 September

◉ For £8 - two dramatic readings featuring Wendy Padbury, Frazer Hines and Jean Marsh, in Doctor Who - The Lost Stories: The Second Doctor Box Set

Saturday 09 September

◉ For £9 - The Worlds of Big Finish brings together a whole host of different Big Finish characters in an audio extravaganza. 

Sunday 10 September

◉ For £10 - Peter Davison stars in Time Apart, four separate audio adventures from the Doctor Who - The Monthly Adventures range.  

Monday 11 September

◉ For £11 - Bernice Summerfield: The Story So Far, three full-cast audio adventures starring Lisa Bowerman. 

Tuesday 12 September

◉ For £12 - Alex Kingston and Warren Brown take the lead in a tense psychological drama, Transference, from the Big Finish Originals range. 

Wednesday 13 September

◉ For £13 - John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Burn Gorman, Gareth David-Lloyd and Naoko Mori star in the three-part special adventure, Torchwood: Believe

Thursday 14 September

◉ For £14 - Linda Thorson returns to the worlds of The Avengers in a full-cast audio drama starring Julian Wadham, Emily Woodward and Christopher Benjamin: The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume Five

Friday 15 September

◉ For £15 - Carolyn Seymour and Lucy Fleming star in the post-apocalyptic audio drama, Survivors: New Dawn 1

Saturday 16 September

◉ For £16 - the game's afoot for Sherlock Holmes in The Seamstress of Peckham Rye, winner of the Audie award for best drama in 2022. 

Sunday 17 September

◉ For £17 - Paul McGann is marooned in London, 2020. Get the first volume of Doctor Who - The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Stranded

Monday 18 September

◉ For £18 - The War Master: Killing Time, a four-part adventure starring Sir Derek Jacobi, Alexandria Riley, Katy Manning and Sarah Sutton. 

Tuesday 19 September

◉ For £19 - Kate Lethbridge-Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) and Petronella Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) let the science lead in UNIT - Nemesis: Between Two Worlds

Wednesday 20 September

◉ For £20 - David Tennant is the Tenth Doctor meeting some classic companions in Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor Classic Companions

Thursday 21 September

◉ For £21 - Blake's 7 - The Classic Adventures: Restoration Part 1 stars Paul Darrow, Jan Chappell, Michael Keating, Steven Pacey, Yasmin Bannerman and Alistair Lock. 

Friday 22 September

◉ For £22 - get four new stories for the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who - The Doctor Chronicles: The Eleventh Doctor Volume 02, starring Jacob Dudman. 

Saturday 23 September

◉ For £23 - Russell T Davies returns to revive his old series, Dark Season: Legacy Rising, featuring Kate Winslet. 

Sunday 24 September

◉ For £24 - a collection of four Time Lord Victorious audio dramas (£6 each); featuring Tom Baker and Paul McGann. 

Monday 25 September

◉ For £25 - four classic Doctors, three companions and too many monsters... in The Stuff of Nightmares, featuring Paul McGann, Tom Baker and Colin Baker. 

Tuesday 26 September

◉ For £26 - get both volumes of The Churchill Years, starring Ian McNeice (or you can buy them separately for just £13 each). 

Wednesday 27 September

◉ For £27 - stand by for addition! Thunderbirds: Terror From the Stars and Thunderbirds: Peril in Peru are available at £13.50 each, making them £27 altogether. 

Thursday 28 September

◉ For £28 - buy both volumes of The Lone Centurion, starring Arthur Darvill (or you can buy each one individually for £14). 

Friday 29 September

◉ For £29 - get Masterful, the 50th anniversary celebration featuring every incarnation of the Master, as a special edition download. 

Saturday 30 September

◉ For £30 - buy both volumes of The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series Eight, starring Tom Baker, Jane Slavin and John Leeson (or you can buy each one individually for £15). 

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