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Blake's 7 - Full-Cast Series 2 Details Announced!

Blake's 7 - Full-Cast Series 2 Details Announced!

21 September 2014

Blake’s 7 - Creating the Scimitar in 31-Easy Steps! Details can today be confirmed on the second series of full-cast Blake's 7 audio productions...

Today we can announce details of November and December's releases of series 2 of our Blake's 7 full-cast audios, plus there's a look at designer Grant Kempster's work in creating the first story's cover...

For the first of Big Finish and B7 Media’s new series of Blake’s 7: The Classic Audio Adventures, cover-artist Grant Kempster was given the challenge to create a brand new Federation ship – the titular Scimitar.

As this short animation shows, Grant started with an original sketch and then ‘built’ the Scimitar in Photoshop, using pictures of retro objects such as the Tomytronic 3D gaming device and a Sega Light Phaser gun controller. To these, Grant added photos of various model kits, combining them all to create the Federation’s newest warship.

Before long, the Scimitar began to take shape. When completed producer Cavan Scott immediately told Grant that he loved it, but it needed “roughing up as much as possible!”

Scimitar sees the crew of the Liberator beginning their search for their lost teammate Dayna. The trail leads them to an abandoned ship in a dangerous asteroid field – a ship with a secret.

Scimitar by Trevor Baxendale is out in November.

In December, the search for Dayna takes the Liberator to Solace, a former galactic tourist trap fallen on hard times. When he loses a second member of his crew, Avon is forced to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances. As Orac and Del Grant track a radical new movement that is campaigning for the purity of Solace, a deadly trap begins to tighten. The future is Fortuitas. The future is now.

Fortuitas by George Mann is out in December and as with Scimitar is available now for pre-order on CD or Download. All six titles can be bought in a money-saving subscription.

Keep watching Big Finish's news pages for further story titles, a brand new trailer for Scimitar, and a trailer for Liberator Chronicles volume 10...

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