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Blake's 7 Lucifer: Revelation - Coming to Audiobook in 2015!

Blake's 7 Lucifer: Revelation - Coming to Audiobook in 2015!

30 June 2014

Avon’s adventures in the far future continue in a brand new audiobook of Blake's 7 Lucifer: Revelation, written and read by Paul Darrow.

Due to popular demand, Big Finish is pleased to announce that Paul Darrow’s exciting Blake’s 7 novel, Lucifer: Revelation, is to be released as an unabridged audiobook in 2015.

Cavan Scott, Producer of Blake’s 7 for Big Finish, says: “Lucifer: Revelation is the second part of Paul Darrow’s trilogy of adventures set long after the events of the cult BBC TV programme. And who else could read the audiobook but Paul himself?”

Many years have passed since the death of his companions on Gauda Prime, but Avon is still very much a thorn in the sides for those in power. On the run in a stolen spaceship, Avon has world leaders, warlords, aliens, bandits and hitmen on his trail, all hoping to seize control of the super computer Orac, and to be rid of Avon once and for all.

But those who underestimate Avon do so at their own peril…

The audiobook of Blake’s 7 Lucifer: Revelation will be released in March 2015, priced at £25 for a six-disc set on CD or as a MP3 download for £20. Both can be pre-ordered here.

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