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Blake's 7 Writers' Opportunity Results

Blake's 7 Writers' Opportunity Results

27 September 2012

Big Finish is proud to announce the winners of the Blake's 7 Writer's Opportunity. Once again, we are bowled over by your talent! Over 150 writers sent in original ideas for Blake's 7 novellas and, as always with writer's opportunities like this one, it was extremely hard to narrow the entries down to just three winners as the standard was so high.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and to those who didn't win - keep writing! Congratulations to the following three writers who will be working on their stories for publication in Blake's 7: Anthology to be released in November 2013.

RA Henderson (Berserker)

"I was born in Birmingham in 1980 and pretty much fed science-fiction by my father from birth. Blake’s 7 and Doctor Who have always played a huge part in my life. None of my works have so far been published, but I've been writing poems, sonnets, songs and stories (mostly Doctor Who fan fiction) most of my life. A lot of my fan fiction can be found on the Internet and has garnered a reasonable degree of praise."

MG Harris (Cold Revolution)

"I began writing Blake’s 7 fiction under the pen name Loulou Harris in the 1990s whilst a member of the Lysator B7 mailing list. Some was published in various fanzines, some in the arts magazine The Illustrated Ape, and some online at The Aquitar Files, the first B7 webzine, which I co-founded and which was featured on the BBC2 documentary about genre fandom Lost in Space. In 2008, Scholastic Children’s Books UK published my first novel, Invisible City, the first of five sci-fi/fantasy thrillers for teenagers, The Joshua Files. The series has been translated into seventeen languages and is a best-seller in several countries including the UK, Germany, Indonesia and Vietnam."

GF Taylor (Trigger Point)

"I have been writing both fanfic and profic for over twenty years. My professional fiction is short western novels. I have had twelve titles published by Robert Hale under the Black Horse Western imprint. My Blake’s 7 fics have been included in fanzines published by Horizon, the B7 fan club, and Star Four (Judith Proctor, 2000)."

Our thoughts at this time are also with the family and friends of Matt Kimpton, who recently passed away. He wrote the fantastic story Life After Queth for Doctor WhoShort Trips: Farewells, which reappeared in Re: Collections - The Best of Short Trips. He had entered a story for this writers' opportunity from his hospital bed.

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