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Counter-Measures vs the Great Intelligence

Counter-Measures vs the Great Intelligence

14 November 2017

The Counter-Measures team face off against the Great Intelligence next month – and another terrifying foe joins as the Abominable Snowmen return to threaten London in the series two’s finale.

The New Counter-Measures series features characters from the Doctor Who TV adventure Remembrance of the Daleks (which starred Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor and was broadcast in 1988). The adventures of Professor Rachel Jensen (Pamela Salem), Group Captain Ian Gilmore (Simon Williams) and Allison Williams (Karen Gledhill) – now working for Sir Toby Kinsella (Hugh Ross) – continue as they battle threats to England and the world in the 1970s. And today we can reveal the full synopses for series two of the New Counter-Measures.

Four new missions await the New Counter-Measures team:

1. The Splintered Man by Roland Moore

When a Spanish scientist kills himself in an explosion at a secret test facility, Counter-Measures are called in to salvage anything they can from the wreckage. But someone else is stalking the scene… As Rachel is reunited with an old flame, she finds herself drawn into the heart of a mystery.

2. The Ship of the Sleepwalkers by Christopher Hatherall

The Counter-Measures team wake on a luxury cruise, with no knowledge of how and when they got onboard. Who has brought them here, and why?

3. My Enemy’s Enemy by Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky

Glamorous international arms dealer, Lady Suzanne Clare, has come to town and is offering herself into the hands of Counter-Measures. The price: her own safety. But can their former nemesis ever really be trusted?

4. Time of the Intelligence by Andy Frankham-Allen

A strange voice is interrupting TV broadcasts across the capital, and bear-like creatures are raiding factories, stealing equipment and killing guards. The Great Intelligence and his army of Yeti have returned. And there’s only one team that can stop them. (The Yeti appear by arrangement with the Haisman Literary Estate.)

Out in December 2017, you can pre-order The New Counter-Measures Series Two at £30 on CD or £25 on download. And to hear the Counter-Measures team with the Seventh Doctor and Ace reunited, check out 1963: The Assassination Games from the Doctor Who Main Range.

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