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Dark Shadows "Eternal Actress" Returns

Dark Shadows "Eternal Actress" Returns

2 March 2012

Big Finish is pleased to announce details for May's Dark Shadows release The Eternal Actress, featuring the return of Donna McKechnie – reprising her role as Quentin's lost love, Amanda Harris.

Fans of the TV series will remember how Amanda, who arrived in Collinsport in 1897, was in reality a creation of the artist Charles Delaware Tate (who we heard in last year's The Blind Painter). A living portrait, she fell in love with fellow immortal Quentin Collins. They made plans to marry and leave for New York together but, tragically, they were separated. Destined to wander the Earth, searching for each other, they wouldn't be reunited until 1969.

This is the story of what happened to her during those missing years. With a script by acclaimed writer Nev Fountain, The Eternal Actress is both a terrifying and comedic look at the world of 1950s Hollywood. It co-stars Andrew Collins as ambitious journalist Gideon Wilder.

The trailer for April's Dress Me in Dark Dreams starring Amber Benson, Terry Crawford and James Unsworth is also now available.

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