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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

From today until midnight (UK time) next Friday (the 25th August), you can save 50% off any individual release in Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles range with offer code DWCC50OFF.

Discover and enjoy the further adventures of some of the Doctor's friends and enemies in their own self-contained adventures, featuring companions and performances from the original TV series, brought back to life with Big Finish. But with over 80 to choose from, where to start?

If you’re a fan of the Third Doctor (1970-74) as played by Jon Pertwee, why not try The Prisoner of Peladon? Read by the son of Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton), David Troughton, the Doctor’s legacy is still felt on Peladon.

"Tonight, I am going to tell you the story of the Prisoner of Peladon, and of the time when a friend and protector returned to our planet. A man called… the Doctor."

The planet Peladon has joined the Galactic Federation, and has undergone a painful period of change. Still eager to embrace alien culture, King Peladon has welcomed refugee Ice Warriors to his world - innocent creatures that are fleeing the New Martian Republic.

But, as an old friend returns to the capitol, there is murder in the refugee camps. Could the truth lie in an ancient legend?

Or try the Companion Chronicles’ trilogy of stories for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, starting at The Beginning by Marc Platt (who wrote Doctor Who TV story Ghost Light, and many Big Finish releases). This first part stars Carole Ann Ford who plays Susan, the granddaughter of the Doctor, and Terry Molloy (the voice of Davros) as Quadrigger Stoyn.

Another popular story is The Mahogany Murderers, starring Christopher Benjamin as Henry Gordon Jago, and the late Trevor Baxter (Professor George Litefoot, continuing their adventures from the Doctor Who tv story The Talons of Weng Chiang and continuing their adventures in Jago and Litefoot.

Professor George Litefoot: the eminent pathologist who advises the police in some of their grisliest cases. Henry Gordon Jago: the master of ceremonies at the Alhambra Theatre. These are two very different men from contrasting strata in society who became firm friends and collaborators after their adventure with the Doctor and Leela battling the evil Weng-Chiang.

Some years later, Jago and Litefoot have defeated dangerous denizens of the daemonic darkness together. They have stood side by side against threats to the British Empire. But when a body is found on the banks of the River Thames and Litefoot's post mortum reveals that it is actually a highly detailed wooden mannequin, their most dangerous adventure begins.

Dr Tulp has masterminded a deadly scheme, Jack Yeovil and his murderous gang plan to live forever, and only Jago and Litefoot can stop them...

Or there’s the Companion Chronicles- The Specials, with Nicholas Courtney, Anneke Wills, Katy Manning and Mark Strickson, The First Doctor Volume 1 with Carole Ann Ford, Maureen O'Brien, and Peter Purves or a saga popular amoung the Big Finish staff, The Rocket Men with William Russell and Return of the Rocket Men with Peter Purves.

Why not try a tale today? Use offer code DWCC50OFF and save 50% on a purchase of the Doctor Who Companion Chronicles. Please note that this offer code won’t apply to bundles, but the prices for bundles have been adjusted accordingly.  

Please note, as recent releases, the offer code won’t apply to exciting new releases The First Doctor Companion Chronicles Volume 2 and The Second Doctor Companion Chronicles Volume 1, but have been discounted to their pre-order price (£20 on CD or £15 on download).

And as well as the offers today, we can announce the next in the Companion Chronicles - The Second Doctor Volume 2! It's available to pre-order now for £20 on CD or £15 on download. And we can announce the first story in this four story box set, The Tactics of Defeat by Tony Jones. This exciting box set will be out June 2018. (Please note the offer code will not apply to this pre-order).

What would you recommend to listen to first? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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