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Doctor Who - The Warehouse: Podcast & Subscriber Extras

Doctor Who - The Warehouse: Podcast & Subscriber Extras

16 August 2015

For Subscribers to the main Doctor Who range there's a fresh new extended extras track to download, as well as a short podcast for all...

Today we're delighted to put live the extended making-of extras for those who've subscribed to the Big Finish main Doctor Who story The Warehouse. Director Barnaby Edwards, writer Mike Tucker, Bonnie Langford, Sylvester McCoy and others talk about the story and wider subjects raised by it in a feature exclusive to Big Finish subscribers.

Subscriber extras also include PDF downloads of the scripts, and four times a year there's a brand new audio download of a Doctor Who story reading written for the Doctor Who - Subscriber Short Trips range. Next month sees Doctor Who - The Warren Legacy , a Fourth Doctor and Romana 1 story from the pen of Julian Richards, read by Big Finish veteran Stephen Critchlow.

For any listeners reading this, there's also a new short podcast live from today, giving a little peek at the making of Doctor Who - The Warehouse:

The Doctor and Mel land in what appears to be an orbiting warehouse, a delivery facility with a dangerously erratic computer.

Whilst Mel is helping with repairs, the Doctor begins to realise that not everything in the warehouse is as it seems. Why do no goods ever seem to leave the shelves? Why are the staff so obsessed with the stocktake? And who is the mysterious Supervisor?

On the planet below, the Doctor discovers that the computer might be the least of their problems – and that they should be more concerned with the spacestation's mould and vermin...

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