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Doctor Who: Philip Hinchcliffe Great Reviews

Doctor Who: Philip Hinchcliffe Great Reviews

23 September 2014

We're proud to announce that our recently released Philip Hinchcliffe Presents Doctor Who box set has been receiving some great reviews, with Sci-Fi Bulletin calling it 'one of the best Doctor Who stories from Big Finish - 10 out of 10'.

You can read the full review from Sci-Fi Bulletin here.

As many of you will know, Philip Hinchcliffe became producer of Doctor Who when Tom Baker joined the series back in 1975. Many fans regard his era of the show as one of the strongest and it's certainly a great favourite with all of us here at Big Finish, so we were more than pleased when Philip originally contacted us about the possibility of our working with his storylines.

But the good news doesn't stop there. Third Eye Cinema asks, 'Do I really need to tell you to go pick this one up?  Seriously?' and you can read the full review here.

Planet Mondas says, 'So a great box set, really evocative of the era it represents, not a pastiche but a genuine continuation of a golden age written by one if the architects of that age 9/10.' Full review here.

Starburst says, 'This is an excellent release and shows Tom and Louise at their very best.' Full review here.

And just in case you're not aware of the release itself...


Philip Hinchcliffe, acclaimed producer of Doctor Who (1975-77) returns to tell new stories for the Fourth Doctor and Leela.

"The starting point was there were a few basic ideas that were kicking around for another series, had we made it," says Philip. "I thought this project would be fun to be involved with, and I've tried to and tell stories that are in the same spirit as the ones Robert Holmes and I were telling."

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