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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

Released today on both CD and Download, these two new Novel Adaptations bring to life the travels of the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), Ace (Sophie Aldred) and Bernice Summerfield (Lisa Bowerman), as originally told in the Virgin New Adventure Novels published in the early 1990s.

Justin Richard's Doctor Who: Theatre of War sees the TARDIS land on the planet Menaxus, where a Shakespearian tragedy is about to play out – with the help of the mysterious Irving Braxiatel (Miles Richardson). Listen to the trailer below:

Years ago, an archaeological expedition came to Menaxus to explore the ruins of an ancient theatre. All but one of the team died. Now the only survivor has returned, determined to uncover the theatre’s secrets.

But then the deaths begin again.

The Doctor, Ace and Benny find themselves caught up in the very real events of Shakespeare’s greatest play. When they finally reach the theatre on Menaxus, the Doctor begins to realise that the truth about the planet may be far stranger than anyone imagined. With Benny doing research at the Braxiatel Collection, the Doctor and Ace head straight into an interplanetary war…

Doctor Who: Theatre of War's guest cast includes Kirsty Besterman, Richard Vranch, Ed Stoppard, Bryan Dick, Ramon Tikaram, Gus Brown and Milo Twomey.

Our second Novel Adaptation features a cross-over crisis with crime-fighting legends. Andy Lane's Doctor Who: All-Consuming Fire has been adapted by Guy Adams and stars Nicholas Briggs and Richard Earl as Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson – reprising their roles from Big Finish's range of Sherlock Holmes releases.

The Library of St John the Beheaded contains the most dangerous books in all creation so when some of them are stolen who else should the Vatican call but Sherlock Holmes?

Immediately, one of the possible suspects seems more suspicious than others. He has no traceable background, refuses to give straight answers and hides behind a pseudonym. However, Holmes and his loyal friend Watson soon realise this suspect is also their greatest hope: war is brewing and an Old God is rising, to save humanity they need The Doctor as much as he needs them.

Guest starring Hugh Fraser, Anthony May, Aaron Neil, Samantha Béart, Michael Griffiths and Guy Adams, Doctor Who: All-Consuming Fire is available to buy and download today. And remember, when you choose to buy this release on CD directly from Big Finish, you will also unlock instant access to a digital copy for download.

Both of these new releases are available individually, or as part of a special bundle, which also contains three further adaptations, due to be released in 2016.

In April 2016, the Doctor and Ace arrive in the sleepy town of Crook Marsham, where their relationship will be tested to the limit in Doctor Who: Nightshade, based on the novel by Mark Gatiss and adapted by Kyle Szikora.

Then in December 2016, the Doctor and Benny encounter Roz Forrester (Yasmin Bannerman) and Chris Cwej (Travis Oliver) on 30th Century Earth in Doctor Who: Original Sin, based on the novel by Andy Lane and adapted by John Dorney.

One further Novel Adaptation will be released at the same time – the details of which are yet to be revealed!

Five other entries in the series are also available to order now; included our acclaimed adaptation of Russell T Davies' Doctor Who: Damaged Goods. You can purchase this story as part of a Limited Edition box-set, available while stocks last.

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