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Doctor Who: Zygon Hunt & Revenge of the Swarm Released!

Doctor Who: Zygon Hunt & Revenge of the Swarm Released!

15 August 2014

Today we unleash the last of the August releases: Fourth Doctor story Doctor Who: Zygon Hunt, and main range Seventh Doctor story Doctor Who: Revenge of the Swarm...

August's final releases are out today, immediately available on Download to all purchasers, with CDs now beginning their journey across the miles...


Doctor Who: Revenge of the Swarm brings together popular team of The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), Ace (Sophie Aldred) and Hector (Philip Olivier) for the first in a fresh run of adventures


The Doctor thought he had defeated the microscopic Nucleus of the Swarm in his fourth incarnation. He was wrong. It survived within the TARDIS, and now it has brought it back to Titan Base, back to the point of its own creation. It has a plan that spans centuries, a plan which will result in the Nucleus becoming more powerful – and larger – than ever before.

To defeat it, the Doctor, Ace and Hex must confront the Nucleus within its new domain - the computer-world of the Hypernet, the information network crucial to the survival of the human empire. But if the Doctor is to save the day, he has to risk everything and everyone he holds dear...
And when it comes to foes the Fourth Doctor's confronted, this month's Doctor Who: Zygon Hunt brings The Doctor (Tom Baker) and companion Leela (Louise Jameson) into a fresh encounter with a fan favourite:
On the jungle planet Garros, Earth Forces Knight Commander-in-Chief Greg Saraton and his team are hunting gigantic beasts, for sport. When the Doctor and Leela arrive, they are caught up in a web of intrigue where there is no clear friend or foe.
What is Saraton’s vital connection with Earth’s Solar System’s Defence Shield? Why are the giant reptilian birds of Garros attacking? What terrible secret lurks deep within the trees?
Before the truth can be revealed, a heavy price will be extracted and loyalties will be tested to the limit.


For those who haven't bought these titles yet, Doctor Who: Revenge of the Swarm and Doctor Who: Zygon Hunt can both be ordered on CD or Download now.

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