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Iris is Back - and On the Run!

Iris is Back - and On the Run!

3 August 2012

August sees the return of everybody’s favourite transtemporal adventuress as Katy Manning (aka Jo Jones nee Grant from Doctor Who) is back playing Iris Wildthyme for a third series of adventures in time, space, and the little bits in between…

The Iris Wildthyme: Series Three box set marks the Doctor Who book series character’s first audio adventures since 2009’s Christmas special, The Claws of Santa, and it’s business as usual aboard her big red bus. Iris, as always, is joined by her best chum Panda, played by David Benson, and the two friends race headlong into the vortex for three brand new escapades.

In The Iris Wildthyme Appreciation Society by Cavan Scott, Iris and Panda are chased across the multiverse by a deadly Monstrom Time Destroyer, piloted by an unseen enemy that wants Iris placed under arrest. Our heroine flees to the planet Trull, where an even greater threat awaits – Wayne Bland II, Iris’s biggest fan…

With the Time Destroyer still in hot pursuit, Iris finds herself in the middle of an inter-dimensional incident at Mocata Grange in Iris Rides Out by Guy Adams. Sir Donald Marshall is being plagued by demonic pig creatures appearing in the grounds of his stately home, and has summoned famed ghost hunter Thomas Carnacki to help. Demonic pig creatures are one thing, but Carnacki hasn’t banked on one thing - the irrepressible Iris Wildthyme.

The series comes to a close in Midwinter Murders by George Mann, and time is running out for Iris and Panda. The village of Midwinter Leys is in the grip of a murder game as residents turn up dead with alarming regularity. Iris teams up with her old friend Inspector Nettles to solve the village’s dark secret – but something is coming, something that Iris can never defeat.

Midwinter Murders reunites Katy Manning with former Doctor Who guest star Stewart Bevan, who played Professor Clifford Jones in The Green Death, who Katy's Jo Grant left the Doctor to go travelling the world with.

“We were delighted when Stewart agreed to play Inspector Nettles,” says  co-producer Mark Wright, “and it was such a joy to see Katy and Stewart working together for the first time since The Green Death in 1973."

Co-producer Cavan Scott adds: “It’s great being back with new adventures for Iris. We have such fun making the stories, and there’s never a dull moment working with Katy and David. This is the start of a new chapter in the lives of Paul Magrs' brilliant creations.”

Iris Wildthyme: Series Three is available to pre-order on CD and download now and is released this month. A brand new trailer can be heard now!

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