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Iris Wildthyme Meets Doctor Who's Ace! (Sort Of)

Iris Wildthyme Meets Doctor Who's Ace! (Sort Of)

11 April 2013

Some very familiar faces have joined Katy Manning and David Benson on the big red bus in series four of Iris Wildthyme...

Whatever Happened to Iris Wildthyme by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright sees Iris and Panda joined by two new companions.

Likely lad Alex is played by David Ames, best known to Doctor Who fans as Nathan in the 2009 special, Planet of the Dead. Sultry Amanda, meanwhile, is voiced by Ayesha Antoine, who played Dee Dee in Midnight. Both David and Ayesha are also part of Big Finish’s regular Bernice Summerfield cast.

More mysteries – and basket meals – await Iris and Panda as they attend the Pondside World Darts Championship in Iris at the Oche by Mark Wright.

Bernard Holley plays Ted Taylor, a down-at-heel pub darts player who finds himself the target of a race of warlike alien space-bulls. Bernard first worked with Katy in the 1971 Doctor Who classic, The Claws of Axos, a role he recreated for Big Finish’s The Feast of Axos in 2011.

But who is playing Lady Bow’n, the evil Sovereign Mistress of the Bovians? Why, it’s Sophie Aldred in a very different role to Ace! Needless to say, she’s a right cow (Lady Bow’n that is, not Sophie!).

Our roster of fabulous guest stars is completed by the glorious Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium Maldovar from the Doctor Who TV series). And if you thought Simon’s role as a blue-skinned disembodied head in Doctor Who was bizarre, wait until you hear what he’s playing in our dramatic season finale, A Lift in Time, by David Bryher.

Iris Wildthyme: Series Four is out in August and available to pre-order. Everyone who pre-orders the three-disc box-set will receive a free Iris Wildthyme ebook featuring four short stories by Paul Magrs, Cavan Scott and Mark Wright, Stuart Douglas and Ian Potter.

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