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Jeremiah Bourne in Time

Jeremiah Bourne in Time

19 July 2018

We’ve more news on the next of our Big Finish Originals, Jeremiah Bourne in Time, from the pen of The Young Ones star, Nigel Planer. Plus the first extract of this exciting new time travel series is available now to subscribers of the Big Finish newsletter.

All subscribers of the Big Finish newsletter can now download an extract of the next release in our Big Finish Originals range. Jeremiah Bourne in Time is a time travel tale with a difference, and after hearing the first clip, we can’t wait for the release of the full series later this month.

To access the clip, subscribe to the Big Finish newsletter here ->

Jeremiah Bourne is a boy with a remarkable gift. He can travel in time. Not by using a time machine, or stepping through a dimensional portal. It just happens to him, as though by accident. One minute he’s in the present day, the next, he’s a hundred years in the past, standing in the London of 1910.

Jeremiah has two questions; how did he get there – and how can he get back? On his quest for the answers, he enlists the help of Phyllis Stokes of The Society for Theosophical Research and her equally eccentric brother, Roger Allcot Standish, magistrate, spiritualist and dedicated nudist. He encounters the sadistic Mr and Mrs Grout and the ruthless Ed Viney, thief, gang member and slitter of throats. And he arouses the disapproval of Clementina Quentinbloom, the head of a home for ‘Fallen Girls’, by befriending Daisy Wallace, a girl ahead of her time.

Can Jeremiah get home? What is the connection between Clementina’s establishment and Doctor Henry Davenant Hythe, the humanitarian and eugenicist? And does Jeremiah’s gift of time travel have something to do with his mother’s sudden disappearance, all those years ago…

You can find out more about the illustrious cast of this series here.

Plus, out yesterday in SFX magazine is a write up of Jeremiah Bourne in Time with behind-the-scenes information and an exclusive interview with Nigel Planer. Make sure you pick up a copy from your local newsagents and read all about it!

Jeremiah Bourne in Time, a four-hour series, will be released this month and is available for pre-order now priced at £17 a download, rising to £20 after its release.

The complete Big Finish Originals range is also available in a bundle at £130, as well as each series being available as individual downloads.

Keep checking the Big Finish website for more information on the other upcoming Big Finish Originals.

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