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Listen Again: Doctor Who - The Company of Friends for £2.99

Listen Again: Doctor Who - The Company of Friends for £2.99

1 September 2017

Our monthly title for The Listeners, try this Doctor Who tale today! Paul McGann is reunited in this tale with four companions, Benny Summerfield, Fitz, Izzy and Mary Shelly.

Every month Big Finish releases a download version of a former tale for The Listeners at £2.99 – and this week it’s the Eighth Doctor’s turn in The Company of Friends.

This month you get four stories for one, as Paul McGann is joined by four companions.

1. Benny's Story by Lance Parkin

Deep in the mines of Epsilon Minima, Professor Bernice Summerfield is up to her neck in it - as usual. The Countess Venhella has hired her to recover a lost Time Lord artefact: A TARDIS key, it turns out. Guess whose?

2. Fitz's Story by Stephen Cole

On the planet Entusso, the Doctor and Fitz Kreiner investigate Alien Defence Incorporated - your one-stop shop for protection against extraterrestrial invasion! But which is the greatest menace: the hideous Vermin Queens or ADI itself?

3. Izzy's Story by Alan Barnes

TARDIS travel opens one's eyes to a universe of possibilities, reckons the Doctor. For geek girl Izzy, it's also a fantastic way to track down ultra-rare back copies of 'Aggrotron!', the most dangerous comic in history...

4. Mary's Story by Jonathan Morris

Switzerland, 1816: at the Villa Diodati, Lord Byron's house guests tell each other tales to curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart. With a monster on the loose outside, young Mary Shelley isn't short of inspiration.

The Company of Friends sees four writers telling the stories of four very different companions: Lance Parkin writes for time travelling archaeologist Benny, Stephen Cole writes Fitz's only audio Story, Alan Barnes writes for Izzy (who originally appeared in the comic strips in Doctor Who Magazine) and Jonathan Morris writes for the great literary figure and author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley. Each of these adventures is directed by Nicholas Briggs.

Pick up a download copy of this release for £2.99, available for the whole of September.

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