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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

Actor Michael Troughton takes on the role of the Second Doctor (as previously played on television by his father, Patrick) and will be making his debut on audio in February.  

Joining him is Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon, the stalwart Scot who has accompanied this incarnation of the Doctor since the 1966 Doctor Who adventure, The Highlanders.   

This TARDIS team will collide with the Third Doctor (Tim Treloar), Dr Liz Shaw (Daisy Ashford) and the Brigadier (Jon Culshaw) in the previously-announced seven-part adventure, The Annihilators.  

Doctor Who – The Third Doctor Adventures: The Annihilators is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition CD at £19.99 or on download at £16.99, exclusively here

There’s something in the water at Lewgate Docks. Something strange, and green, and deadly. Summoned to the North of England by a mystery informer, the Brigadier finds his investigations hampered at every turn by the local police. Just what are they trying to hide? 

While the Doctor uncovers sinister goings-on in the city morgue, Liz attracts the attention of something unearthly. But with Time running out, quite literally, the Doctor, Liz and UNIT aren’t the only ones to find themselves targeted by a world-shattering alien menace… 

… because they’ve got a previous Doctor and his best friend Jamie in their sights, too! 

Big Finish creative director (and writer of The Annihilators) Nicholas Briggs said: “I’d had in mind to have Michael Troughton play the Second Doctor for ages. He has a lightness of touch, and I knew he’d studied his father’s work a lot for the book he wrote about him. Also, I’ve worked with Michael quite a bit and chatted with him a lot at conventions, and have found him to be such a delightful human being. Always full of cheer, and a really great actor.  

“I’ve always been an admirer of Frazer Hines too. And here he gives what I believe to be his best performance ever. He really did some great emotional stuff in this story. I think people sometimes forget what a brilliant and accomplished actor Frazer is. He’s a much-loved part of the Doctor Who furniture, so we think we know what to expect from him. But here, he really pulls the stops out. Such fun.” 

Actor Michael Troughton said: “When they phoned up out of the blue and asked, 'How would you feel about playing the Second Doctor?', I sort of had to think about it. I said to myself, 'Well, it would be a really fun thing to try and do,' not to try and recreate Dad’s voice perfectly, but to give the kind of emotional fun character that he gave. That's the way I looked at it, so it's a mix of me and Dad, really. 

“I talked with Frazer about it, and lots of the fun stuff was brought to the recordings by them, ad libbed. I think it might have been Tomb of the Cybermen, when they were at a door, and for some reason Dad ended up holding Frazer's hand. That wasn't scripted, that was a moment they created together. It's difficult to do that kind of thing on audio but it was that fun inflection in his voice I tried really hard to get.”  

Doctor Who – The Third Doctor Adventures: The Annihilators is now available to pre-order as a collector’s edition box set (on CD at the special price of £19.99) or a digital download (at the special price of £16.99), exclusively from the Big Finish website. Listeners can save money by ordering this title together with the following volume (title TBC) in a bundle for £38 on CD or £33 on download. 

Plus, The Second Doctor Adventures: Beyond War Games, due for release in July 2022, is also available to pre-order as a collector’s edition box set (on CD at the special price of £19.99) or a digital download (at the special price of £16.99).  

All the above prices include the special pre-order discount and are subject to change after general release. 

Big Finish is currently operating a digital-first release schedule. The mail-out of collector’s edition CDs may be delayed due to factors beyond our control, but all purchases of this release unlock a digital copy that can be immediately downloaded or played on the Big Finish app from the release date.  

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