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More Fourth Doctor Adventures

More Fourth Doctor Adventures

30 March 2018

With the return of Sutekh, a trip to 1940s London and futuristic Earth colonies, Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor and Louise Jameson’s Leela better get ready for this new release in May!

Here are the story details of the new adventures for the Fourth Doctor and Leela in The Fourth Doctor Adventures – Series 7: Volume 2.

Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 7 Part 2

The Shadow of London by Justin Richards

The Shadow of London

The TARDIS materialises in the backstreets of London in the 1940s. Whilst K9 entertains himself in the time ship’s library, the Doctor takes Leela for a walk in the streets.
But England’s capital is oddly quiet. There are no cars and very few pedestrians... whilst those people they do meet appear really quite English indeed. And all the while they are monitored by cameras feeding images into a secret control room.
Something strange is happening in the city. Traitors are running wild... and nothing and no-one
are quite as they seem.

The Bad Penny by Dan Starkey

The Bad Penny

In the 1970s, hotelier Ron Tulip is having a difficult time. Many of his customers seem to be absconding without payment. The few who remain complain of strange noises and terrible sleep. And to top it all he’s just been summoned to the VIP suite... which is something of a problem as he didn’t even realise the hotel had one.
When turbulence in time takes the TARDIS off course, the Doctor and Leela find themselves visiting the same establishment and in the middle of a temporal paradox and a terrible plan. Because that’s the thing about the Cross-Keys hotel. You can check in... but you can never leave.

Kill the Doctor! by Guy Adams

Kill the Doctor!

The TARDIS crew arrive on the planet Drummond, an Earth colony in the far future where everybody uses handheld computers from morning to night. Rania Chuma is the mastermind behind, the datastream network that tells you everything you need to know. Anyone who’s anyone uses
But ever since Rania was young she’s heard a voice in her head. That voice is the key to’s success. And it’s a voice the Doctor might find familiar. Whilst Leela chases a thief, the Doctor looks into the planet’s
datastream and something evil looks back. A subliminal command flashes through to Drummond’s entire population: ‘Kill the Doctor’.
When the entire planet is against you, where can you possibly hide?

The Age of Sutekh by Guy Adams

The Age of Sutekh

The world has changed. And the evil Osiran Sutekh is returning.
As blood sacrifices and worship boost the strength of the God of War, servicer robots walk the streets, killing those who have not converted.
Leela is working with the homeless population of the city, while the Doctor co-operates with the police.
A brutal battle is ready to begin. And if the Doctor and his friends fail, everyone in the galaxy will perish.

The Fourth Doctor Adventures – Series 7: Volume 2 is available for pre-order on CD at £25 or on download at £20. Don’t forget that all CD purchases unlock a download option on the Big Finish website or the Big Finish app. All of these Fourth Doctor tales will also be available for purchase individually after release on download at £8.99 each.

Or you can save money with a subscription: get Volumes 1 and 2 together at £45 on CD or £40 on download.

More details on the cast and the trailer of The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 7: Volume 2 will be revealed soon.

And don’t forget the Fourth Doctor is getting a new companion in Series 8 – and she is set to make a huge impression on his life… Welcome Ann Kelso (played by Jane Slavin), a police officer in 1978 who, during the course of the strangest investigation of her career, happens upon an old battered Police Box, and its eccentric occupant…

More information on Series 8, due to be released in January 2019, can be found here ->

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