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New Sherlock Holmes in studio

New Sherlock Holmes in studio

14 July 2014

The next series of Big Finish Sherlock Holmes stories goes before the microphone this week. Nicholas Briggs and Richard Earl (pictured here, out of costume, of course) return as Holmes and Watson for a new box set of adventures entitled The Judgement of Sherlock Holmes, written by Jonathan Barnes.

'This new box set is an epic story of world-shattering consequences,' explains Nick Briggs. 'Jonathan has cleverly set it during that two year period when Watson believed Holmes to be dead after the infamous events at Reichenbach. Exactly what Holmes got up to during that time and what terrible events befell Watson have never been fully explored, until now...'

There will be more news on this in the coming months. No release date has yet been set. But if we've whetted your appetite for Big Finish Sherlock Holmes, then you catch up with the Great Detective's adventures here.

Here are some review quotes for the most recent box set, The Ordeals of Sherlock Holmes...

'Briggs and Earl now a definitive audio Holmes and Watson' Scifi Bulletin

'Nicholas Briggs and Richard Earl are, as ever, sublime in the roles that they have made their own' Tim, Mass Movement

'Messrs Briggs, Earl and Barnes, director Ken Bentley and the rest of the fine cast are to be congratulated' Roger Johnson, Sherlock Holmes Gazette

'Nicholas Briggs and Richard Earl, now a firmly established team...' Sherlock Holmes Journal.

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