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Now Released: Doctor Who: War Against the Laan AND The Justice of Jalxar!

Now Released: Doctor Who: War Against the Laan AND The Justice of Jalxar!

11 March 2013

We complete the month's releases today with not one but two Fourth Doctor Adventures releases: Doctor Who: War Against the Laan and Doctor Who: The Justice of Jalxar!

Starring Tom Baker (The Doctor on TV from 1974-1981) and Mary Tamm (who played Romana in the 1978/79 Key to Time season) back in their iconic roles, Doctor Who: War Against the Laan finds Earth under threat once more. The actions of the sinister Cuthbert have brought the planet to the brink of war with the Laan race, and the Doctor and Romana are caught between the two sides trying to avert disaster. And will new President Sheridan Moorkurk be able to make a painfully difficult decision?

Then, in Doctor Who: The Justice of Jalxar, Victorian London is under threat from a sinister - apparently supernatural - force known only as the Pugilist. Thankfully, the foremost investigators of the land are on hand to solve the case: Henry Gordon Jago and Professor George Litefoot! The trouble is, they're going to need some help. Luckily, their old friend the Doctor and his new assistant Romana are passing by...

This double bill of delights is available now for download, and CD copies will be posted out today. And for those going to Big Finish Day 3, you'll be able to get The Justice of Jalxar signed by the stars of the story - Tom Baker, Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter! The Fourth Doctor Adventures will resume in May with Phantoms of the Deep.

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