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Pathfinder Legends - Special Weekend Offer

Pathfinder Legends - Special Weekend Offer

30 June 2017

Take advantage of special offers on Series 1 and 2 from Pathfinder Legends - based on the global, fantasy roleplaying game hit.

Big Finish’s Pathfinder Legends full-cast audio dramas tell astonishing, rip-roaring tales. 'Crammed full of furious action and adventure… If only all gaming sessions were as involving and exciting…’ (Mass Movement)  

To celebrate the release this week of Pathfinder Legends - Curse of the Crimson Throne - Crown of Fangs, we have special offers this weekend on Series 1- Rise of the Runelords and Series 2 - Mummy’s Mask in the Pathfinder range.

"Pathfinder Legends captures the swords and sorcery world of the RPG perfectly, I know it is based on an RPG but it really does capture the vibe of playing a table top game in a darkened room for hours on end, completely captivated by the world that the Games Master has created – and that is why audio is such a fantastic medium – it is all in the imagination and listening to Pathfinder Legends recreates this perfectly. 9/10" - Planet Mondas

"Crown of Fangs proves to be an extremely entertaining romp and retains the best qualities of any tabletop RPG styled storyline. You can see many of the common player types and ideas in the characters, but with a strong narrative and great acting, the audio drama pulls off this sort of charm." - Starburst

"A promising start to another Adventure Path, populated with well-delineated characters played by capable actors amidst a meticulously-constructed urban soundscape." Sci-Fi Bulletin

"There is a lot that happens in this hour long story, but once again the story is aided by some brilliant direction, great acting and brilliant sound production." SciFi Pulse

"Pathfinder Legends feels like meeting old friends again for new adventures" Planet Mondas

From today until the 3rd July, you can purchase any release from series 1 or 2 at 50% off, starting at £4.50 for a download.

This also applies to bundles - you can pick up all of Series 1 - Rise of the Runelords for £30 on CD, saving you £30, or at download for £24. And Series 2 - Mummy’s Mask is available at £39 on CD or £30 on download. Both series are available at £78 on CD or £66 a download, saving you almost 50%.

Each purchase on CD unlocks a digital download which works with the Big Finish app.

These offers end on the 3rd July, so don’t miss out!

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