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Scribe Awards - A Full Sweep of Nominations for Big Finish!

Scribe Awards - A Full Sweep of Nominations for Big Finish!

20 May 2015

We're thrilled to have been nominated in the Ninth Annual Scribe Awards - with the Audio shortlist entirely made up of Big Finish releases!

The International Association of Media Tie-In Writers shortlist for the 2015 Scribe Awards includes five of our productions in the audio selection. This list is made up of the following releases:

Dark Shadows: The Devil Cat by Mark Thomas Passmore

Dark Shadows: The Darkest Shadow by Nev Fountain

Blake's 7: Fortuitas by George Mann

Doctor Who: Iterations of I by John Dorney (part of the The Fifth Doctor Box Set)

Pathfinder: The Skinsaw Murders by Cavan Scott

Acknowledging excellence in a very competitive field, IAMTW’s Scribe Awards honour licenced works that tie in with other media such as television, movies, gaming, or comic books.

Tie-in works run the gamut from westerns to mysteries to procedurals, from science fiction to fantasy to horror, from action and adventure to superheroes.

The winners will be announced at San Diego Comic Con in July. IAMTW will also be presenting the 2015 Faust award to Doctor Who living legend Terrance Dicks at the same event, for his unparalled work across licenced tie in fiction - best represented by his work on the classic Target novelisations.

You can find out more infomation on the awards at the association's website.

Congradulations to all our talented writers and producers nominated... and may the best man win!

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