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Series 9 Saturdays - It's Davros!

Series 9 Saturdays - It's Davros!

26 September 2015

Save on everyone's favourite genocidal conqueror, with special offers on Big Finish's Davros appearances!

We hope everyone enjoyed The Witch's Familiar! But if you fancy facing more of Davros' fiendish schemes, you can find special offers on selected titles from across our Doctor Who ranges – each starring Terry Molloy as the Dark Lord of Skaro!

I, Davros is a special four-part mini-series, revealing the story behind the scientist's rise to power – and the ongoing ravages of the war on Skaro! Each part is priced just £2.99 on both CD and Download for this weekend only. You can also pick up the download-exclusive The Davros Mission for the same price (co-starring Sixth Doctor Companion Miranda Raison).

Meanwhile, some of Davros' greatest battles against the Doctor have also been reduced to just £5 each on both CD and Download. Listen as the twisted scientist reinvents the Mechanoids in Doctor Who: The Juggernauts, terrorises the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) in Doctor Who: Terror Firma, matches wits with the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) in Doctor Who: Daleks Among Us and rattles sabres with the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) in Doctor Who: The Curse of Davros.

There's also a chance to visit a Skaro that never was in the special Doctor Who Unbound story Masters of War – where David Warner's alternative Doctor brings Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney) to a world where history has turned out very differently...

Also available at its permanently reduced price is Doctor Who: Davros for just £2.99 to download, one of the definitive encounters between the Skaro genius and the Sixth Doctor..

You can pick up all of these titles as part of our Series 9 Saturday: Davros bundle – with all 9 CD releases available for £30 with free UK delivery, with all 11 downloads available for just £35!

These offers must end at noon on Monday the 28th September, so order now! Join us next week for a new watery offer, as we head Under the Lake...

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