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Special Offers on the Doctor Who Main Range!

Special Offers on the Doctor Who Main Range!

23 June 2015

To celebrate our 200th Doctor Who Main Range release, stories 51-100 are being reduced in price all this week to just £5 each...

Until Noon Monday (UK time) we're putting 50 of our main range Doctor Who stories at a special offer price, both on CD and Download.

An entire four years' worth of titles can now be bought at £5 per story (plus postage where relevant), from 2003's Doctor Who: The Wormery up to 2007's Doctor Who: 100. These selected titles are packed with old friends, new beginnings and legions of monsters...

Highlights from the offers include a mighty saga of Cyberman adventures; Doctor Who: The Harvest, The Reaping and The Gathering, reuniting the Fifth Doctor with Tegan Jovanka and introducing the Seventh Doctor and Ace to the one and only Thomas 'Hex' Scofield.

The Daleks go up against their old enemies the Mechanoids in Doctor Who: The Juggernauts, before conquering the Earth once and for all in Doctor Who: Terra Firma; and even manage to take over toy shop shelves in Doctor Who: Renaissance of the Daleks.

Meanwhile, the Eighth Doctor and Charley Pollard begin their journey across the Divergent Universe in Doctor Who: Scherzo, before encountering new friend C'rizz in Doctor Who: The Creed of the Kromon.

Future Tenth Doctor David Tennant makes a cameo in Doctor Who: Medicinal Purposes, while Maureen O'Brien, star of our celebratory release Doctor Who: The Secret History, makes her first Big Finish appearance in Doctor Who: Year of the Pig.

All fifty titles can be purchased today for just £5 each on CD (+p&p) and Download. There are also easy-to-buy bundles grouping together each Doctor's adventures, or the whole run for those wishing to fill the entire gap!

This special offers must end Saturday Morning UK time. And don't forget; our Super Subscription on brand new adventures is still available until the end of June. 42 brand new titles for just £350 on CD or £325 on download, allowing for a saving of over £200 against buying individually. Find more details here.

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