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Tales From Doctor Who’s New Earth

Tales From Doctor Who’s New Earth

11 January 2018

Four new adventures explore a universe five billion years away in this new Doctor Who box set.

Fans of the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who will have a treat of a box set in March this year when we return to New New York. Set in the worlds glimpsed in the Doctor Who TV episodes The End of the World, New Earth and Gridlock, Tales From New Earth follows Devon Pryce as he further explores New Earth and encounters some familiar and not so familiar faces.

Five billion years in the future, after the end of the world in the year 5.5/apple/26: New Earth is the second hope of humankind.

Post-Gridlock, Senator Hame is working to restore her home. The cities, forests and skies teem with strange and wonderful species. Some trace their ancestry back to Old Earth, others came later, but all have their own agendas, and their rivalries.

Now an ancient, powerful force has New Earth in its sights, and everyone must work together to beat it...

1.1 Escape from New New York by Roy Gill

Devon Pryce has lived all his life in the high rises of New New York. A child of the Elevator Guild, he now receives a new calling – from a cat.
Senator Hame is trying to rebuild society, to make it stronger for future generations, but there are those who would stand in her way.
There is a new danger on New Earth, and Devon's work is only just beginning...

1.2 Death in the New Forest by Roland Moore

On his first mission for Senator Hame, Devon crosses continents to arrive in the New Forest and meet its people.
Trees are dying of unnatural causes. Sapling Vale, a cutting of the noble Jabe of the Forest of Cheem, will help Devon investigate the threat to her people.
So too will an alien, an old friend of New Earth... a time
traveller known as the Doctor!

1.3 The Skies of New Earth by Paul Morris

Devon's work takes him into the skies of New Earth and the great floating city of New Caelum.
Here, a new energy project is exploited by alien powers, and a terrible catastrophe looms.
Helped once again by the Doctor, Devon calls on the Bird People of Nest City, as well as the great Solar Bears on their Ice Clouds to stop
But can the people of the skies put aside their rivalries long enough to make a difference?

1.4 The Cats of New Cairo by Matt Fitton

Senator Hame is summoned to New Cairo by the spiritual leader of Catkind: the Most Exalted High Persian – a personage of great power and wisdom – to report on her investigations.
Here, the camel-like Dromedans still worship Catkind, in the shadows of vast Octahedrons and temples of light. But Hame and Devon have uncovered a conspiracy that threatens the future of everyone on the planet.
The battle for control of New Earth is about to begin...

You can pre-order Tales From New Earth (to be released in March 2018) from the Big Finish website at £23 on CD or £20 on download. Or you can pre-order Tales From New Earth in a bundle with exciting upcoming releases Gallifrey Time War and the 10/10 acclaimed release The War Master starring Derek Jacobi. This bundle gives you all three releases for £63 on CD or £54 on download.

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