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The Fourth Doctor Versus The Daleks!

The Fourth Doctor Versus The Daleks!

12 September 2012

The Daleks return to take on Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, in a new Doctor Who full-cast audiobook in 2013

The adventures of the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker, who played the role on TV from 1975-81) and his companions Romana (Mary Tamm, 1978-79) and robot dog K-9 (John Leeson, 1977 to present day) reach a thrilling climax next year in a new battle with the Daleks.

The Dalek Contract is the first of two releases that finds the travellers caught between the Daleks, galactic businessman Cuthbert (played by David Warner, whose many film credits include Titanic) and a group of rebel fighters on a snowbound alien world.

"I can't say too much about this one," says producer David Richardson, "as it's a culmination of threads that are set up earlier in the series. But, as it's written and directed by Nicholas Briggs, you are guaranteed some stand-out Dalek action sequences and an emotional roller-coaster ride.

"Plus it's the first and only time that the first Romana and K9 have met the Daleks. K9 against the Daleks - how irresistible is that!"

Season Two of The Fourth Doctor Adventures is released from January 2013 and is available for pre-order.

Series One, which stars Tom Baker alongside Louise Jameson as Leela, is available to buy now.

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