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The Listeners - Treasure Island

The Listeners - Treasure Island

5 November 2013

The sixth month of The Listeners features a chance to hear an absolute classic on audio: Treasure Island, starring Tom Baker.

Adapted and directed by Barnaby Edwards, our lovingly faithful Treasure Island toplines that most familiar of faces, Fourth Doctor Tom Baker, as Long John Silver.

When young Jim Hawkins unexpectedly inherits a treasure map, he little knows what adventures await him. Pursued by pirates, betrayed by friends and beset by skulduggery, Jim must brave high seas and low cunning before he reaches the shores of Treasure Island.

His fellow treasure-hunters include the inflexible Captain Smollett, the indefatigable Doctor Livesey and the irrepressible Squire Trelawney. And then there's the ship's cook: a seafaring man with one leg who goes by the name of Long John Silver...

With a cast including Nicholas Farrell, Tony Millan, Gareth Armstrong, Edward Holtom, Tony Haygarth and the Dalek triumvirate that is Nicholas Briggs, Nicholas Pegg and Barnaby Edwards, Treasure Island brings the Robert Louis Stevenson classic to full cast audiobook life.

For this month only, Treasure Island is available for £2.99 on download and whether you've already heard it, have only ever read it, or haven't encountered it until now, we want to know your thoughts on our adaptation. You can chat about the story on the forums or on our Big Finish Facebook page.

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