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The Real Gods and Monsters Cover

The Real Gods and Monsters Cover

24 August 2012

For years, it has all been leading to this... It began with a time storm that whisked young Dorothy McShane away to Iceworld... Now the game reaches its climax with Doctor Who: Gods and Monsters, which pits the Seventh Doctor against his bitter enemy Fenric from 1989 TV story The Curse of Fenric..

Gods and Monsters is the whole era of the Seventh Doctor encapsulated in one story,” says producer David Richardson. “Script editor Alan Barnes has performed a masterstroke – like a grand chess master, he’s been moving his pieces around the board for some time... The TARDIS turned white in The Angel of Scutari... A black TARDIS appeared in Robophobia... Aristedes (Maggie O’Neill) stepped into the audio range in Project: Destiny... Sally Morgan (Amy Pemberton) was introduced in House of Blue Fire...

“And over the last couple of months, in Protect and Survive and Black and White, the pieces have come together. We have a lost Doctor, two TARDISes, four companions and the epic battle to end all epic battles among the elder gods in a higher dimension. With Haemovores!”

Obviously it would be a shame to keep those Haemovores quiet, so shown here is the real cover for the story.

Doctor Who: Gods and Monsters is released in September. It is written by Alan Barnes and Mike Maddox, directed by Ken Bentley, and stars John Standing (NYPD Blue, The Line of Beauty) as Fenric and Blake Ritson (Upstairs, Downstairs, DaVinci’s Demons) as Hurmzid.

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