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The Sixth Doctor, Jago and Litefoot...Still Just £1!

The Sixth Doctor, Jago and Litefoot...Still Just £1!

27 November 2012

The Sixth Doctor, Jago and Litefoot take their first trip together in the TARDIS in Doctor Who: Voyage to Venus - and this full-length story costs just £1 to download (or £5 on CD) until the end of the year.

Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter play the Victorian sleuths Jago and Litefoot, who have been whisked away from their own time - and their own spin-off series! - for two very special voyages through time and space. Colin Baker (recently star of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!) is the Sixth Doctor - the role he played on TV between 1984-86.

Voyage to Venus is out now, and takes the three travellers to a planet of floating sky cities ruled by Amazonian women, and introduces a formidable new villain in the form of Vulpina (Juliet Aubrey, from TV's Primeval).

"Overwhelmingly enjoyable from beginning to end, capturing both the essence and spirit of the halcyon era of a genre that was ultimately responsible for Doctor Who. By gad it was worth waiting for and no mistake." - Mass Movement Magazine

"Any newcomer to Doctor Who may well want to start here as it’s a nostalgic as well as bold start" - review

"A mini fantasy epic" - SciFi Bulletin

Voyage to the New World, which journeys to colonial America, is out in December.

Both full-length stories are just £1 to download, or £5 on CD - a special offer that remains open until the end of the year.

They can also be bought as part of our Special Releases subscription that includes Doctor Who - UNIT: Dominion, Doctor Who: Dark Eyes and Doctor Who: Love and War. The 15 CDs in total cost £65 on CD or £55 - again, the offer remains open until the end of December.

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