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We love StoriesBig Finish produce great full-cast audio drama for CD and download, featuring many popular television fantasy series.

Today sees the release of The Diary of River Song Series 7, starring Alex Kingston and Timothy Blore, available as a collector's edition CD box set or on download from £19.99. In this latest exciting set of audio adventures, River adopts her Melody Malone alias in order to solve a number of mysteries, from a Scandi Noir thriller, to a 1950s detective story in the heart of New York City. But the ultimate test will come when she encounters an old enemy in the shape of the Weeping Angels. 

This latest series serves perfectly as a jumping on point for new listeners but, if you've never heard any of River's previous adventures at Big Finish, here's our cheat sheet run-down of her story so far... 

The Diary of River Song Series 1 sees River withdraw from the excitement of the universe, to focus on academia. That is, until a young archaeologist goes missing. Before long, River finds herself in the middle of a Marvellous Party, in the evil clutches of "Mr. Song" and teaming up with the Eighth Doctor against the Rulers of the Universe.


In The Diary of River Song Series 2, River starts her journey aboard the Saturnius, an Earth survey ship sent to investigate a mysterious new planet. However, a familiar face is hiding on board the ship, conducting a discovery of his own: the Doctor. After coming across a destroyed Earth, River goes back in time to determine the cause. After failing to prevent the Earth's destruction, she must team up with the Sixth and Seventh Doctors to take down a corrupt corporation.


In The Diary of River Song Series 3, River is on the planet Terminus Prime, to track down some clones of... herself! On River's journey, she encounters the Fifth Doctor and his mysterious new companion, Brooke. The trio first travel to 18th century Vienna, then dine with Madame Kovarian in a restaurant that exists outside of time and space, and, finally, River has to stop the deadly Furies.


The Diary of River Song Series 4 begins with River escaping the Discordia, a race of time-travelling aliens who largely resemble the Devil! She soon runs into someone from her past, ends up hopping between planets, and creates an android version of herself. All this before an epic showdown between the Discordia and the Fourth Doctor.


The Diary of River Song Series 5 sees River run into another famous Time Lord, or should we say infamous...? River Song comes face to face with the MasterWell, four Masters to be precise. Beginning her story locked up with Missy, River must find a way to break out of an unescapable prison, survive on a planet where a deadly enemy was once worshipped as a God, and find out how the Master escaped the Eye of Harmony. All the while, the War Master lurks in the shadows...


In The Diary of River Song Series 6, River goes back to the very beginning, meeting the First Doctor and friends, while something lurks in the fog. She soon finds herself in the London Underground fighting the Great Intelligence, before facing a "carnival of monsters" to claim a prize. River finishes this chapter in a Victorian theatre, with some old friends... and an old enemy. 



River Song also features in one of the stories on our celebratory International Women's Day release, The Eighth of March


Find out the next chapter of River's story in The Diary of River Song Series 7 available as a collector's edition CD box set or on download from £19.99.

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