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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

The Assassination Run and The Treachery Game will be released as audiobooks in July, from the original novels by Jack Gerson (The Omega Factor, The Fetch, The Evil Thereof) featuring Dan Starkey (Doctor Who's Strax the Sontaran, and a Big Finish veteran) in the reader's chair.

As Dan expands on the days spent in the soundbooth: "Gerson's novelisations present a seedy, late Seventies take on the world of espionage. The stories are a bit like James Bond meets The Professionals with a touch of The Third Man and even The Thirty-Nine Steps. I came out of the recording booth reeking of cheap whiskey and second-hand cigarette smoke. So a typical day recording at Big Finish, really...".

Comments director John Ainsworth, ""For those who remember the original TV serials, these new readings of The Assassination Run and The Treachery Game will be a slice of nostalgia. But Jack Gerson's novelisations of these action-packed, adventures will be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates a good, fast moving thriller".

The two audiobooks can be bought in a specially-priced Jack Gerson bundle for £16, or each are available for £9.99. Other Big Finish audiobooks can be found in our Big Finish Audiobooks range.

The free Big Finish Listening app is the perfect companion for these if you want to listen on Apple or Android devices - it's a great way of taking the stories on holiday with you!

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