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The Worlds of Doctor Who Trailer Released!

The Worlds of Doctor Who Trailer Released!

18 May 2014

The trailer is now online for The Worlds of Doctor Who, a special box set release celebrating 15 years of Doctor Who audios at Big Finish.

The Worlds of Doctor Who tells four stories through the decades that are linked by one devastatingly powerful foe - Mister Rees, played by Jamie Glover (who portrayed William Russell in An Adventure in Space of Time).

It begins with Mind Games, as Jago and Litefoot investigate the latest act at the New Regency Theatre... In the 1960s the Counter-Measures group look into a mystery concerning The Reesinger Process... In the present day, Mike Yates is called back into service when strange events are occuring at the UNIT vault in The Screaming Skull... and, as the theatre intensifies, the Sixth Doctor, Romana and Leela are on the scene as Rees prepares his endgame in Second Sight.

The cast includes Colin Baker, Louise Jameson, Lalla Ward, Richard Franklin, Christopher Benjamin, Trevor Baxter, Conrad Asquith, Lisa Bowerman, Pamela Salem, Simon Williams, Karen Gledhill, Hugh Ross, Yee Jee Tso and Daphne Ashbrook.

The Worlds of Doctor Who will be presented in deluxe book-sized packaging and contains gorgeous studio photography of the cast by Tony Whitmore, and personal thoughts from some of the actors. The five-disc box set comprises four hours of story, plus an hour-long behind the scenes documentary interviewing the actors and creative team.

The Worlds of Doctor Who is available for pre-order now.

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