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Doctor Who: Trial of the Valeyard - This Year's Subscriber Bonus!

Doctor Who: Trial of the Valeyard - This Year's Subscriber Bonus!

3 June 2013

This year's subscriber special finds the Sixth Doctor back in the Time Lord trial rooms - but he's not the one in the dock this time! This time his sinister alternate The Valeyard faces his fate in the subscriber special we could only call Doctor Who: Trial of the Valeyard!

Doctor Who: Trial of the Valeyard reunites Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor (as seen on TV from 1984-1986) with Michael Jayston as the Valeyard and Linda Bellingham as the Inquisitor in a tense courtroom drama. The three were last seen sharing the screen in 1986's epic fourteen-part tale Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord. The tables are turned in this new story as the Valeyard is forced to face up to his evil deeds - how will the Doctor judge his alternate self?

This special tale will be released in December to all those who have a subscription to the Doctor Who main range which includes December's release (currently untitled). It will also be available to buy a year after release (in December 2014) and can be chosen as a free gift for those who order a 12-month CD or download subscription.

There are more details about this special story in the brand new Vortex, which can be downloaded for free now!

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