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Torchwood 2017 News

Torchwood 2017 News

17 December 2016

We take our first look at some of the new 2017 Torchwood titles, including some brand new trailers...

In March 2017, a new run of single-disc Torchwood stories starts, kicking off with David Llewellyn's Torchwood - Visiting Hours starring Nerys Hughes and Kai Owen as mother-and-son team Brenda and Rhys Williams:

Everyone’s a little worried about the Gower Hospital. In many ways it is a miracle of the modern NHS. It has plenty to offer its patients. The problem is that a lot of them keep dying of natural causes in the night. And no-one can find the bodies.

People are beginning to notice. Questions are being asked. And there are rumours – the strange whispering figures seen at the end of the corridors, the electrical buzzing, the screams.

Also, Rhys Williams has come to visit his mother. Brenda’s had her hip done and is looking forward to a bit of rest and regular crumble. Rhys and his mam are in for a night they’ll never forget.

Torchwood - Visiting Hours is out in March 2017 and can either be bought on its own for £7.99 on Download, £9.99 on CD (instantly unlocking digital access on release), or as part of a six-story Subscription. Until the end of March, this is £40 for Download or £45 for CD, each subscription going up by £5 if bought from April onward.

The third of next year's stories is now confirmed as Torchwood - Corpse Day by James Goss and, along with April's Torchwood - The Dollhouse, has new story details on the release pages. Click to check them out, or follow this link to see all of Torchwood at Big Finish - including January's much-anticipated Torchwood One - Before the Fall, the second trailer for which made its debut today:

Keep watching the news pages for updates on trailers, casting, story details and covers in coming months.

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