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W Morgan Sheppard Joins Dark Shadows

W Morgan Sheppard Joins Dark Shadows

18 July 2012

Big Finish is pleased to announce the casting of acclaimed actor W Morgan Sheppard in Dark Shadows: The Last Stop.

Sheppard, who has appeared in Star Trek, Babylon 5 and Doctor Who, takes on the role of Lou, a mysterious passenger on what's about to become the train journey from Hell in the story The Last Stop When the train stops in a tunnel, lawyer Tony Peterson (Jerry Lacy) finds himself listening to Lou's ghost stories. But is there any truth to his claims that the tunnel is haunted? And what does Lou want from Tony?

“Getting W Morgan for this was a real coup,” says director Darren Gross. "His rich, marvellous voice and his ability to be alternately playful and menacing, and switch from one to another on a dime, made him ideal for this part. Jerry is always a delight to work with and he perfectly portrayed Tony's journey from edgy wariness to confrontational to sheer terror with great aplomb. The dynamics between the two should make for a gripping experience. Definitely one of my favourite recording sessions of the year."

The story is written by David Llewellyn. As well as being the author of acclaimed  novels Eleven and Everything Is Sinister, David has written a number of books for both Doctor Who and Torchwood. This, however, is his first foray into the spooky and terrifying world of Dark Shadows.

“I had enormous fun working on The Last Stop,” says Llewellyn. “And it’s a genuine honour writing for actors as good as Jerry Lacy and W Morgan Sheppard.”

Also featuring Lara Parker, Andrew Collins and Brigid Lohrey, The Last Stop is released in September.

In other news, the cover for August release Speak No Evil is now available.

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