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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

It’s an adventure into the unknown with Torchwood’s finest from the future, in this month’s full-cast audio adventure from Big Finish Productions. 

Empire of Shadows finds Zachary Cross Flane (BAFTA-nominated Shaun Parkes) called back to action, as he is embroiled in a tale of conflict and conspiracy. Torchwood Archive agent Flane first appeared in the 2006 Doctor Who two-parter The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit, where he teamed up with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and Rose (Billie Piper) to save the universe. 

Torchwood: Empire of Shadows is now available as a collector’s edition CD at £10.99 or on download at £8.99, HERE!

In the far future of the Earth Empire, Torchwood is forgotten. So it’s a surprise when Zachary Cross Flane of the Torchwood Archive finds himself summoned to the opening of the late Empress’s Library. 

Her son believes that the conspiracy which deposed his mother is still active, and that the key to it is hidden somewhere in the library. But does Zachary want to find it? 

The cast is completed by Chandrika Chevli (Inside No. 9, The Fifth Doctor Adventures), Wilf Scolding (Cicero, The One), Amanda Shodeko (The War Master, Doctor Who: The Lost Stories) and Big Finish newcomer Mateo Oxley

Director Scott Handcock said: “One of the things I love about Torchwood is how expansive it is. It would be very easy to just explore the television series but we’ve been able to expand the universe and also delve a little deeper into threads established in Doctor Who as well.  

“Looking back, Zachary Cross Flane was the first proper Torchwood representative we ever met on screen, so it’s a delight to spend more time with him and see where his journey took him. Plus, of course, it meant working with the brilliant Shaun Parkes – one of this country’s finest actors – who impeccably recreated that original performance. Fifteen years have flown!” 

Torchwood: Empire of Shadows is now available as a collector’s edition CD at £10.99 or on download at £8.99, HERE!

Please note that Torchwood contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners. 

Big Finish is currently operating a digital-first release schedule. The mail-out of collector’s edition CDs may be delayed due to factors beyond our control, but all purchases of this release unlock a digital copy that can be immediately downloaded or played on the Big Finish app from the release date. 

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