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2017-04-17 Captain Scarlet and Omega Factor

2017-04-17 Captain Scarlet and Omega Factor

16 April 2017

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford join Spectrum in a Captain Scarlet themed podcast, still finding time to bring you all the latest news and emails from the Big Finish audio drama world. There's a Captain Scarlet interview feature and an Omega Factor tease.

Stop, don't move!

'Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, then we moved on into The Omega Factor. Then we talked about printers and kazoos and kahons, kahons, kahons. Brian Blessed in a library. Torchwood, Vikings and printers... SIG' is how Benjic Clifford describes this podcast. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, this is an arguably more accurate account.

Big Finish News - the latest on Captain Scarlet and Torchwood.

Listeners' Emails - some great emails from our lovely listeners. All you have to do to join in is email us at

Guest Star Interview - Big Finish Captain Scarlet stars Liz Morgan and Wayne Forester chat to Jamie Anderson.

Randomoid Selectortron - Benji and Nick are overjoyed to randomly select something they both worked on together!

Omega Factor - Somnum Sempiternum - a fifteen minute tease from the first episode of the imminent Series 2.

This podcast is officially released on Monday 17th April, but we're sneaking it out for you the day before, just in case Sunday is feeling a bit dull and anti-climactic after a super, new episode of Doctor Who the night before. Please feel free to press one of the buttons below to download or stream for free.

Buck up!

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